Hello, as you can probably tell from the title of this blog, I would like to adopt this Wiki to help it grow. 

As of now, the Wiki is left unprotected against vandals, and I feel as if the Wiki really needs an active admin to look after it.

I already made an adoption request on Community Central, explaining my future plans for the Wiki and how I hope to improve it. 

If you would like to read it, you can do so here

Before the adoption request is either accepted or denied, I'd like to ask any users who actively check here if they're okay with me adopting this place. 

I know I haven't been editing on here for that long, but I do have a lot of experience with being an admin on Wiki's, and I have a lot of plans to help improve this Wiki. 

Please leave your opinions in the comments. ^^ 

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you're okay with me adopting the Wiki. I hope you'll consider me for the position.