Mission 1: Self Introductions

The Kiznaiver's first mission is to do a self introduction.

Mission Summary Edit

The Kiznaiver's are told to introduce themselves, though after doing a simple and quick introduction about their names and class, they are 'punished' because their introduction wasn't correct. Sonozaki later tells them that to get to know each other more better, they have to reveal the one secret that they don't want anyone to know about.

Introductions Edit

  • Hajime Tenga - Although titled "the mad dog", Tenga is actually terrified of dogs.
  • Nico Niiyama - She doesn't really believe in fairies, even when she acts like she loves and worships them.
  • Tsuguhito Yuta - He used to be quite 'chubby' when he was small, and is terribly ashamed of it now.
  • Chidori Takashiro - She loved Katsushira when he was small and still showed emotion.
  • Katsuhira Agata - He claims to be indifferent when it comes to connections with others, and doesn't take interest in what other people think about him, because he isn't really interested in himself.
  • Honoka Maki - While she never really does a proper introduction, she claims to have "murdered" someone in the past.