LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME is the opening theme of Kiznaiver, performed by Boom Boom Satellites.

Videos Edit

Music Video Edit

BBS - LyurHndz 0n me05:57

BBS - LyurHndz 0n me

Anime Version Edit



Lyrics Edit

Lay your hands on me
While I'm bleeding dry,
break on through blue skies
I'll take you higher

All wrapped in circles
All dreams end in bright lights
Well, I'm here always
brighter than sunshine

I fly, fly out
Fly out to the new color
Fly out... Fly out...

Lay your hands on me
Stay close by my side
Drive me so crazy
Moonlight and sunshine

Fading into the setting sun,
I'll see you again and I'll carry on
Feeling my kind of frozen lips
In the fleeting sky you can sing that song

Let it go really far
Let it stop where you are
Spirit sound... Spirit sound...

Lay your hands on me
Stay close by my side
Drive me so crazy
Wake up in your world

Gallery Edit

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