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Episode 4
English Now That We're All Connected, Let's All Get to Know Each Other Better, 'Kay?
Kanji せっかく繋がりあったんだしさもっとお互いわかりあおうよん
Rōmaji Sekkaku Tsunagari Attandashi sa Motto Otagai Wakari Aou Yon
Release April 30, 2016
Running Time 24 minutes
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Now That We're All Connected, Let's All Get to Know Each Other Better, 'Kay? is the fourth episode of the Kiznaiver anime. It first aired on April 30, 2016.


Katsuhira recalls visions of his past involving him and a young Noriko as he wakes up in his apartment. While there, Hisomu explains to the Kiznaivers his masochistic side as well as his reason for running away, taking pleasure in fatally dangerous and unexpected pain.

As Yuta, Nico, and Honoka leave, they ponder Hisomu's influence on the group, and while Nico considers him and the other Kiznaivers as friends, Honoka coldly retorts to them being nothing more than casual acquaintances, depressing her mood.

Back at the apartment, Hisomu recalls his stay at the hospital to the others at the start of the Kizna experiment, with Noriko promising him bodily stimulation through pain.

After Hisomu makes an unexpected appearance at school the next day, Nico gathers the group to exchange emails, to which she intensely stares down Honoka from her previous remark.

While Tenga spots Katsuhira's bullies, they are once again confronted by Noriko for another mission. Confronted with a gigantic bowl of fried rice that they must eat in 30 minutes, Katsuhira stops Noriko outside the restaurant to exchange contacts while inviting her to the Kiznaiver's training camp tomorrow.

At the day of the camp, the group takes an awkward ride while learning a secret of the Kiznaivers. Upon Honoka's request, Noriko tells them about the origins of Sugomori City as a testing ground for the Kizna experiments and the Gomorin, the city mascots that are also some Kizna Committee members in disguise.

As they arrive to their destination, Chidori notices Katsuhira and Noriko's growing relationship conflicting with her affections, prompting Tenga to help her bring Katsuhira closer to her.

Meanwhile, Kizna Committee members and school staff Kazunao Yamada and Mutsumi Urushibara are seen driving in a car with Katsuhira's bullies tied up with similar Kizna Scars.