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Episode 3
English Depending on How You Look At It, I Think We Could Get Through Anything... Right?
Kanji どんなにさんざんな状況だって捉えかた次第でなんとかやっていけるかも...... ねっ?
Rōmaji Donna ni Sanzan na Joukyou Datte Torae Kata Shidai de Nantoka Yatteikeru kamo...... ne?
Release April 23, 2016
Running Time 24 minutes
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Depending on How You Look At It, I Think We Could Get Through Anything... Right? is the third episode of the Kiznaiver anime. It first aired on April 23, 2016.

Plot Edit

While Honoka passes off her introduction as a joke, Noriko relays the final mission to the Kiznaivers to survive the duration of their summer break.

As Honoka leaves, she informs everyone of her terrible personality as a mysterious man watches over them.

The next day, when Tenga has taken residence in Katsuhira's apartment, the Kiznaivers have another bout of pain along with the code "D:7" on Katsuhira's wrist.

In school, the group has taken efforts to conceal their Kizna Scars, and while they meet to discuss the unknown source of pain, they experience it once more, to which Noriko informs them their next mission of tracking down the missing 7th Kiznaiver.

While Nico inflicts slight pain on Katsuhira in hopes that the remaining Kiznaiver in their class will resonate with it, when nobody reacts, Yuta deducts the remaining member as Yoshiharu Hisomu, the only student that has stayed absent since the start of school.

As the group confronts Hisomu at his apartment, he leads the other Kiznaivers on a wild goose chase until Katsuhira catches up to him on an overpass.

While Hisomu runs off again, in order to convince him that all of their bodies are connected, Tenga prepares to jump from the overpass and onto traffic until Katsuhira does it instead.

While Tenga and Chidori rush in to help Katsuhira who landed inside a nearby convertible, the others watch in disgust as they resonate from Hisomu's climaxed state as a result of the pain, with their Kizna Scars signaling the end of the mission.

Meanwhile, Noriko gives a conference regarding the Kizna System to government officials with the aim of the "true connection".