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Chidori Takashiro

Chidori Takashiro


Kanji 高城 千鳥
Hair color Red
Eye color Dark Red
Gender Female
Blood type O
Age 16-17
Birthday August 14 (Leo)
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuka Terasaki
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1

Chidori Takashiro (高城 千鳥 Takashiro Chidori) is one of the main characters in the anime series. She, along with the other Kiznaivers, attends Sugomori High in class 2-A. "Goody Two-Shoes" is her updated sin, dubbed by Sonozaki. The sin she represents the most out of the Kiznaivers is envy.


A girl of average height and appearance, with a thin figure, and smaller breasts. She has crimson hair, to match her eyes, and is usually put up into a ponytail.


Chidori is clumsy, emotional, and seemingly nosy at times. She seems to sincerely care about all of the other Kiznaivers, especially her childhood friend, Katsuhira Agata, and tries to cheer them up when they're upset. She gets embarrassed rather easily, and has been told by Yuta that she is "too heavy" when it comes to her emotions. If too embarrassed or irritated, she might hit the person who caused those feelings.

Chidori is called "Two-Goody Shoes" by Noriko. She has a tendency to take care of others, as seen when she cooks meals for Katsuhira and Tenga, and also when she tries to solve Katushira's problems for him by talking to the teachers about his being bullied and demanding that the bullies return his money. She is very defensive of her friends, especially Katsuhira because she knows he won't defend himself out of apathy.

Chidori fell in love with Katsuhira during their childhood and very much wishes for him to return to his original kind and funny personality. She was very upset when she realized that he would not return her feelings, but also understood that she could not make him do so and that continuing to try would be selfish of her.

In the end of the anime, it looks like she might end up having feelings for Tenga in the future.


Hajime TengaEdit

Tenga is a classmate of Chidori's. When they first become involved in the experiment, they are hardly known to each other. At first impression, Chidori sees Tenga as a shallow person when he pointed out that she has small breasts. After he starts living with Katsuhira, he and Chidori spend a bit more time together. Although she acts like she is annoyed at that fact, it is also shown that she is happy that Katsuhira thinks it is fun to live with him. It is shown that she cares for him multiple times, when she makes a meal for him when bringing Katsuhira dinner (much to his surprise), or when she brings a bandage for him to cover his scar. He is the one character (besides Katsuhira) that has the most interactions with her, and once he discovers that her feelings for Katsuhira still remain, he becomes her "wingman." He continuously aids her in winning Katsuhira's affections. While Tenga was helping her with Katsuhira, it is shown that he is angry that she likes Katsuhira rather than himself. Jealous even to the point of taking his anger out on Katsuhira in front of all of the Kiznaivers. After hearing Tenga's true feelings, Chidori was shocked, being completely oblivious to his thoughts on her. When Tenga asked Chidori to reject him, she was confused, as she said that it wouldn't make him feel better if she rejected him and she couldn't understand because for her it wouldn't make it feel better if Katsuhira reject her. 

Tsuguhito YutaEdit

During the introduction of the Kizna experiments, Chidori spent most of her time by Tenga, Nico, and Yuta. Telling him that he had a great smile despite his weight gain back in his junior high years. She also states that she may like him better that way, and defends him when Tenga was laughing.

Nico NiiyamaEdit

Chidori is shown to get along with Nico.

Honoka MakiEdit

Noriko SonozakiEdit

The subject of Chidori's jealousy along with Katsuhira due to his and Noriko's seemingly newfound relationship, though she adamantly denies this for the most part until Tenga offers to help her out with her relationship with the latter. With much dismay, she notices Katsuhira's attempts to get closer to Noriko and how much he seems to think about or mention her, which ultimately just fuels her jealousy and anger.




  1. Episode 1-10


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